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Caravan motor movers
The Truma Go2 Caravan Mover manoeuvring assistant is the newest addition to the Truma range of caravan movers.
The Go2 model delivers all of Truma's extensive experience in design and reliability in an affordable package.
The Go2 mover makes easy work of inclines, uneven terrain and hitching. With a capability of moving up to 1,800kg on a 15% incline the Go2 make light work of kerbs.
The Go2 mover is suitable for almost any single-axle chassis and is easy to fit - without drilling or welding the frame. Cross actuation is standard on the Go2.
Five year warranty
Lightweight aluminium roller for grip and low tyre wear.
Drive rollers engaged by hand, easily and effortlessly - Cross actuation as standard - both drive assemblies are engaged from one side.
Quality Truma finish, galvanised and powder-coated body.
Truma's Durasoft drive for smooth starting and stopping.
Simple safe handling using the ergonomically designed radio remote hand set.
Caravan can be rotated around its own axis (360 degrees)
No low-lying parts - provides the best possible ground clearance.
The Go2 can be positioned in front of or behind the axle
Powerful motors allows the caravan to be reliably manoeuvred, even on difficult terrain (e. g. on snow and sand).
All Mover components are fully protected against water spray and corrosion.
Shorter rollers prevent the need for side apron adjustments.
Self fit price £799.00      Fully fitted price £850.00
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