Caravan motor movers
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Truma go2 single axle mover
Caravan motor movers
Five year warranty
Fits most types of chassis. MoveControl EcoLine clamps onto the chassis - no drilling or welding required.
The EcoLine does not interfere with the operation of the shock absorbers and may be fitted behind or in front of the wheels.
The EcoLine uses a direct drive, no gear wheels or chains to go wrong. 
Electric actuation is standard, allowing the rollers to be engaged using the remote control. 
Long term investment: When changing caravans, the MoveControl EcoLine can be easily transferred. 
SOFTSTART and SOFTSTOP electronics enables precise movement and greater control over any ground - millimetre by millimetre - as well as quick and easy hitching and unhitching. 
The sophisticated electronic control minimizies the chassis stress 
The EcoLine will stop your caravan, even on a slope. 
The brand new Move Control EcoLine caravan motor mover delivers all the advanced features Reich is famous for in a compact lightweight design.
The EcoLine offers extremely low height and a very low weight.
But don't be deceived by the size, the Reich EcoLine still delivers a powerful punch. Driving the caravan wheels via wide, large diameter rollers that efficiently transfer the power.
Like all Reich models the EcoLine is controlled by a simple to understand remote, the functions including on/off, engaging/disengaging rollers, and all manoeuvring procedures.
The Reich EcoLine weighs in around 35 kg and is perfect for single axle caravans or caravans with a low ground clearance.
 Self fit price £950.00   Fitted price £1050.00
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