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Mobile caravan servicing and repairs



We undertake a Full or Basic service and issue all relevant documentation.



Approximate area covered by us.


There is no law as of yet, that states that your caravan has to be serviced annually,It must on the otherhand be road worthy. We carry out repairs and servicing to all makes and models.  

Full gas test

This will be a tightness check, Regulator check, Bottle let by check, Flame safety device check on all appliances and spillage check on your fire. We also check to see if you have adequate ventilation to vent the appliances and see if the refrigerator is sealed correctly. Also all flames are checked to see if they are working properly. When work is complete we offer all the relevant documentation..  ACOPs gas Approved 


Motor home servicing

This will be a full habitational check for example Gas check,blinds/fly screens, internal light test, damp test and electrics



Full Caravan service


 This does not include any parts for items found to be faulty or defective.Does not include the BPW  nuts if the old ones are removed.

Bodywork and fixings.

 Damp meter test  Exterior sealants
 Window stays  (Int) locks/hinges
 Rooflight operation  (Ext) locks/doors/hinges
 Check for floor delam  Grab handles
 Exterior trims

 Blinds and fly screens


Water systems.

 Operation of water pump  Toilet blade and flush
 Operation of taps/shower  Pressure switch (if fitted) check/adjust
 Water filter (if fitted)  Drain plugs and hot water system

Chassis and running gear.

 Grease jockey wheel  Handbrake operation
 Check corner steadies  Tyres and tyre pressure
 Check breakaway cable  Adjust/check brakes
 Grease overrun piston  Check taper bearings/grease
 Coupling head/Alko pads  Tighten wheel bolts

Gas supply and appliances.

 Check gas hose tails  Space heater test
 Test fridge for cooling  Water heater test
 Cooking appliance test  Gas leak test 

Electrical system.

 Check operation of mcbs/rcd  240v water heater
 Test 13amp sockets/12volt sockets  Check blown air system
 Wiring circuit and fuses  Road lights and awning light
 Operation of int lighting  12n &12s plugs
 12v and 240v fridge check  Smoke alarm check
 240v space heater check  



We can also add your motor mover on the service for £17.50



Pre Winter interim service.

 Avoid coming back in a few months time to find frost has broken or cracked pipes and taps. Worse still your hot water system has broken due to frost, as this could be in excess of £600.00 to replace. We give your caravan a light service and do a complete drain down of all water related items and leave your van ready to bear the winter months. It is also worth noting if you would like your caravan placed on axle stands to avoid flat spot on tyres, Most insurance companies will not insure you if you do not have a wheel clamp in place when your caravan is left alone..


Approx time 1 to 2 Hours

Short service. 

We will do a short service for most caravans which will include all the above but the running gear,chassis and braking system will be omitted

Approx time 2 hours

Important notice.

 Please make sure the cassette toilet is empty. As this will result in a £25.00 emptying fee or toilet accessories not being serviced.

We cannot carry out major repairs as this is best done indoors in a controlled environment.

Before any works are carried out on defective parts we will endeavor to get in touch with you, as these may incur an additional charge.

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