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Mobile caravan servicing and repairs

The idea is simple. You, the caravan owner, joins CLUBMCEA and receive a range of benefits, including "unlimited discounted" call outs on holiday.
The subscription is absolutely free with you only paying if you need the service and you call an engineer. 



Possible points for Damp

 LPG Gas Testing

We carry out a full gas tight test and test all ffd devices to all appliances, We also do a ventilation check and check all exterior pipework and interior. ACOPs LPG certified.

Test done on Propane or Butane


Gaslow systems fitted

Comes with 11kg bottle,stainless steel hoses and refilling point.


Floor Delamination

Basically this is where the foam filler under foot has disintergrated and requires an injection process of a foam based pillar, This will require the remoaval of carpets to the affected are ie, Kitchen area/main entrance/corridors. It is a two day item as we will have to check and tidy up the affected area, then relay the carpet. (some cases an overply may be needed after the treatment)

In my opinion it is best to be done out of season to cause less stress to the owner, as the floor may not be walked upon for 24 hours after injecting.

Fitting of motor movers

We fit most movers to single or twin axle caravans, from £100.

 We can also offer the removal of your existing mover onto your new van. Also if you are having a full caravan service done by us, we will include the mover for an extra £17.50 (optional)





This process will mean the removal of all the old sealent  from the external of the van, then new silicone applied, to stop moisture getting in. It could take on average half a day and needs to be adequate weather conditions. In the event of bad weather which i have no control over, it can only be dealt with on the day and may need re-booking. The caravan must also be in a clean manner externally.

Other works

  • Fitting of a gemini gas bbq point
  • Fitting of internal/external power points
  • Awning blown heating 
  • Extensive damp test
  • Window seals
  • Removal of window moisture
  • Radios fitted
  • Alko stabilisers
  • Propex heaters fitted
  • 12n/12s wires/plugs re-fitted  (caravan only)
  • Carpets removed and fitted with owners covering




    A few good pointers to follow.
    Always check tyre pressures and wheel nuts before every journey.
    Try not to use the super pitch water adapter that links directly into your caravan, as pipes
    and elbows are for low pressure only and this could result in flooding.
    It is not the law as of yet to have a service done, but this is a must in my opinion as it will
    spot any hazards that could occur, ie Damp problems.
    Never use the corner steadies as a form of raising the caravan, they are what they
    say "steadies" use a suitable jack. Forcing the steadies to lift the caravan could be costly
    if you damage them.
    Abide by the higway code rules, Single axles 60mph, Twin axles 60mph, Never use the third
    lane whilst towing a trailer or caravan.


    The one i like best is the one we all do whilst cooking, removing the smoke alarm battery,
    This simple but effective little device could save your life one day and should be left alone.

    Allow extra journey time and purchase a small water bottle, so you can pull over and have
    a nice brew, to ease those stressed moments.
    Purchase a spare breakaway cable as towing without one is illegal.
    carry a spare bulb/fuse kit if travelling to the continent, as this is a requirement.

Pre purchase check

We can also offer a pre-purchase check of the caravan you may wish to buy, but this will only be done on a visual basis and a basic check for damp problems and a cris identification check. We would also like to say that the seller be contacted to let them know we will be doing an inspection as not to cause discomfort to the seller.


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